Mission | Vision | Values

Our compass & guide in working with people with disabilities.

Our Mission

Barrier Free Living supports individuals with disabilities to live dignified lives free of all forms of abuse and bias.

Our Vision

Our vision is a barrier free world. We strive for a world free from abuse and bias, where people with disabilities live in a supportive environment. In this world, society values all its members and individuals with disabilities are free of any barriers preventing them from reaching their fullest potential.

View our 2018 Mission Film here. 

Our Values

  • Safety is paramount and the foundation for all of our work.
  • Efforts to increase safety should build on individual’s strengths and enhance their expertise on living safely.
  • The ability to change comes from within the individual.
  • Identifying an individual’s strengths is a building block to self-confidence.
  • Self-confidence is key to achieving goals.
  • An individual’s ability to build networks of support enhances his/her self sufficiency.
  • Building life skills enhances self-sufficiency.
  • Taking risks and making mistakes can be an important part of growth and progress.
  • Adults with positive self esteem provide a solid foundation for children’s growth.
  • Children’s voices are valued.
  • Information is empowering. Sharing knowledge helps everyone.
  • Trust starts with a foundation of confidentiality.
  • A holistic perspective embraces the individual’s self-determination, culture, spirituality and values.
  • Teamwork and mutual respect enable the achievement of goals.
  • Communities that embrace diversity, respect, commitment and collaboration enhance the lives of its members.
  • We strive for an environment in which the mobility, sensory, communication, cognitive, intellectual and other needs are accommodated in ways that are culturally appropriate.
  • Healthy expression of all emotions, including anger, is respected.
  • Domestic violence is not about anger; it is about power and control.
  • To speak out about injustices against people with disabilities is everyone’s responsibility.